College of Alameda - Peralta Community College District
2024 President Search Process & Schedule

March 8
  • Consultants meet with Chancellor & VCHR to review search logistics
  • Consultants begin informal recruitment
March 11
  • Consultants conduct Campus Listening session with college community to receive input on characteristics they would like to see in a president, issues facing the college, college strengths
  • Consultants meet with constituency leaders regarding search process
March 11-19

Preparation for Search Committee Meeting

  • Consultants meet with HR, District/College Marketing & Communications
  • March 19 deadline: Constituent groups name representatives for Search Committee
March 19 (1-5PM)

Search Committee Meeting 1: Orientation & Search Planning

  • Consultants and HR liaison meet with Search Committee members
    • Review Chancellor’s Charge to the Committee
    • Establish Search Committee Ground Rules
    • Hiring Orientation, Confidentiality, EEO & Unintentional Bias Training
    • Review search process and timeline
    • Review results of Campus Listening session
    • Provide feedback for final Position Description/Announcement
March 21


  • HR liaison places advertising for regional/national postings
  • Marketing, Communication & PR Relations launches search website
  • Chancellor announces opening of application period to solicit nominations from college/community
March 25-31Spring Recesss
April 22-28

HR & Committee Members: Application Review

  • April 22 – HR review of applicants for minimum qualifications
  • April 23-28 – Committee members review confidential candidate application packets
April 30

Search Committee Meeting 2: Candidate Selection & First-Level Interview Process

  • Consultants and HR liaison meet with Search Committee members
    • Select individuals for first-level interviews
    • Finalize interview protocol (questions and process)
May 1-7

Preparation for First-Level Interviews (Consultants/HR Liaison)

  • Contact candidates
  • Establish interview schedule, communicate with candidates/committee members
May 8
(Noon to 5pm)
May 9

Search Committee Meeting 3: First-Level Interviews

  • Consultants and HR liaison support Search Committee in interviews of chosen candidates
  • Committee selects finalists for College Forums & Final Interview with Chancellor
May 10-12

Preparation for College Forums & Final Interviews (Consultants/HR Liaison)

  • Establish forum/interview schedule & communicate with candidates/committee members
  • Conduct background & reference checks (after securing releases from candidates)
May 14-17
Dates/Times TBA

College Forums & Final Interviews

  • Consultants and HR liaison support College Forums & Final Interviews with Chancellor
  • Chancellor selects top candidate
May 19-25Final Exams
May 19-25
Search Committee Meeting 4: Chancellor meets with Search Committee to announce decision for President of College of Alameda
May 19-25
Chancellor distributes memo/press release to announce President of College of Alameda, pending Board approval of contract
June 11 or 25Board of Trustees: Contract Approval
July 1New President to begin service July 1, or as soon as possible thereafter