Welcome to ESOL On-Boarding

What is on-boarding?

Onboarding process is to welcome you to College of Alameda and help you choose classes based on your self placement. We offer ESOL courses in 5 levels, and deciding on the one that is most appropriate for you is very important.

The purpose of the Self-Guided Placement tool is to help students identify their ESOL level and choose the correct classes in the ESOL Department at College of Alameda. Students should do their best on the tool.

It is not important for students to get the highest score on the tool rather the purpose of this tool is to help students choose the right classes.

What should I do?

To assist you in selecting the ESOL courses that are most appropriate for you, we suggest following these steps:

Step 1

Look at the ESOL courses

Step 2

Complete the
ESOL Self-placement tool

Step 3

Make an appointment with a counselor to plan your academic year.

Step 4

Register for your classes