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The African-American Studies Department instructs students in the culture and history of the African-American people, to promote better communication and understanding among the peoples of our diverse society. Topics of study include early and modern African-American history, as well as modern sociological concerns.

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What you will learn:

In our cross-disciplinary courses you will learn about the history and experience of the African American people, from their origins to present day. We will discuss the transversality between race and other social or cultural identities confronting peoples of the African Diaspora, including issues of ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, and class. You will also learn about the history, culture and experiences of African people throughout the globe, and the contributions they have made to the development of world civilizations.

Recommended Course Sequence

To earn an AA degree in African-American Studies, you must complete six major courses for a total of 18 units and the General Education requirements for the Associate in Arts Degree listed in the Degrees and Programs section of the College of Alameda course catalog. Degree major requirements are as follows:

AFRAM 30 African-American History: Africa to 1865   3 units

AFRAM 31 African-American History: 1865 -1945  3 units

AFRAM 30 African-American History: 1945 – present   3 units

ENGL 31 African-American Literature 3 units

PSYCH 18 Psychology of Minority Groups    3 units

SOC 5 Sociology of Minority Groups 3 units

What can I do with a degree in African American Studies?

Pursuing a degree in history presents employment opportunities in a variety of different career areas. The need for teachers in the state of California for elementary, middle, and high schools remains high and college graduates with a history degree will find opportunities well suited for opportunities to earn teaching credentials in a variety of subjects. The research and writing skills needed to successfully complete a degree of history also offer excellent preparation for careers in law, journalism, public relations, and domestic and foreign government service.


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