Educational Master Plan 2022-2027

Welcome to College of Alameda’s Educational Master Plan 2022-2027 site. The 2022-2027 Educational Master Plan (EMP) will generate and articulate our long-term education vision for the College.

The goals of the EMP are to support the CoA Guided Pathways initiative; to craft strong principles and framework to inform critical decision-making in the future; and will culminate in long-term implementation plan that is strategic and aligns with the District’s planning themes.

Though guided by consulting experts, the Educational Master Plan is, at its core, a College of Alameda and community effort. A successful plan is only built with critical input from students, faculty, staff, administrators, and community members.

Together, we will create a practical, data-driven, and visionary roadmap for College of Alameda that prioritizes student success and creating a comprehensive college and campus experience.

About This Website

This website was developed as a communication tool and document repository for our 2022-2027 Educational Master Plan project. The website charts the progress of the planning effort and provides a platform for information dissemination and input from campus and community members alike. Once the planning process is completed, the site will become a home to planning documents and progress updates. Stay informed and get involved, we want to hear from you. For more information on or provide input to the 2022-2027 Educational Master Plan, click on the links below: