The Online Entrepreneurship Certificate prepares students for entrepreneurship through a series of courses, that include hands on and experiential learning opportunities, that will develop their knowledge and skills and serve as a springboard to start, run, or grow their own personal or family-owned business.  


The Certificate Courses are:


  • BUS 138 Essentials of Entrepreneurship (1 Unit) 

Introduction to entrepreneurship for creating personal wealth: Entrepreneurial mindset; innovation and new concept development; entrepreneurial processes for formulating, planning, and implementing new business ventures including market research and testing and start-up financing; and ethics and social responsibility


  • BUS 125 Marketing Research and Testing (1 Unit) 

Introduction to market research, testing and development for successful entrepreneurial ventures:  Concept testing with a range of primary and secondary research; the entrepreneurial market research mindset; concept improvement; preparation for the start-up financing phase; and ethics and social responsibility.


  • BUS 103A Business Pitch Competition (1 Unit)  

Introduction to financing for entrepreneurial ventures:  Opportunities for entrepreneurs and business owners to compete for recognition and financing of their business ventures via pitch, plan and launch competitions.


  • LRNRE 104 Toolkit for Entrepreneurs and Managers (1 Unit) 

Key interdisciplinary tools and perspectives for entrepreneurial and business management success: Business English, History, Mathematics, Computer Information Systems.


  • BUS 002 Introduction to Business Law (3 Units) 

General survey of business law: Principles of law on contracts, sales agency, torts, partnerships and corporations, and the uniform commercial code.