Chem 1B Wednesday Lab Schedule

8/23  Exp. 6. – LeChatlier’s Principle

8/30  Exp. 7. – Measuring the equilibrium constant Kc for FeSCN(+2) formation reaction.

9/06  Lecture & problems:  Ch. 16 cont. plus Ch. 17.  Q and K, using the Law of Mass Action.

9/13   Exp. 9 – pH Inidicators

9/20   Exp. 8 – Relative strengths of acids

9/27  Exp. 10 – Dissociation constant (Ka) measurement and molar mass of an unknown weak acid (via titration).

10/4  Exp. 11 – Planning, preparation and evaluation of a pH buffer.

10/12 Lecture & Problems: Ch. 7 thermo review, 1st Law, Calorimetry at constant V vs constant P, enthalpy.  Hess’s Law, standard states, formation reaction & thermodynamic tables, Hess’s Law formula.

10/24 Thermo problem session

11/01 Experiment 17 – Van’t Hoff equation lab – determining enthalpy of solution of borax from Ksp measured at various temperatures.

11/08 Experiment 15 – Nonstandard galvanic cells and the Nernst equation.

11/15 Experiment 14 – Galvanic and electrolytic cells.  Measurement of the Faraday Constant with an electrolytic cell.

11/22 Experiment 5 part 1 – Rate law determination for oxidation of iodide by persulfate using method of initial rates.

11/29 Experiment 5 part 2 – Temperature dependence of the rate constant, Ahrrenius behavior of reaction from 11/23.

12/06 Coordination chemistry – Nomenclature and isomerism lab with molecular models.

Lab Report Rubric


Prepare before lab and show to lab instructor on arrival the following: 

·        Title.

·        Name, lab partner’s name,  Date, Exp. #.

·        Statement of Purpose.

·        Brief summaries of procedures in your own words with space for observations and data collection.

·        Answers to prelab questions.

Complete during and after lab:

·        Data and observations (use tables if appropriate)

·        Calculations, analysis, and uncertainty propagation analysis. (include table of results)

·        Discussion of results

·        Conclusion: brief restatement of most important result(s).

(Complete lab report is due a week after actually doing the lab.)