Robert J Brem, MA, MC, NCC

Position: Faculty – Psychology and Politics
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Robert Brem is a “philosopher” and futurist – teaching psychology, politics, and public administration.

He has taught at eight institutions of higher learning in Arizona and California. He has been at College of Alameda since 2004.

Robert is also on the faculty at CSU-East Bay (since 2006) teaching in the Master’s in Public Administration Program and in Political Science.

Robert is a graduate of Arizona State University (in the areas of politics, counseling, and public administration). He is a National Board-certified professional counselor and holds a certificate in non-profit organizational management. He has been a professional teacher, and consigliere (organizational consulting, clinical “mentoring,” life & career coaching, and counseling) since 1989.

Robert’s Teaching Philosophy

So, I am persuaded that teaching is not possible. However, learning is possible! I do not try to control what you learn. You control what you learn…
What I seek to do is create a “Learning Experience” in a safe learning environment. My courses have a structure and clear guidelines to which you respond in your won words. Within that structure, what we discuss can go wherever our questions lead us; and what you write is what you feel moved to write, what you need to write, within the structure. I offer a variety of curated materials for you to explore guided by your own unique interests, to use in your learning explorations. I seek to craft responses to student questions and apply these to the course material. We discuss what you are interested in and apply to our subject which we explore together. My job then is to accept your good faith written work (following guidelines with the structure) and appreciate these. This is an appreciative inquiry approach. When one walks along the path of this learning model process, learning happens! And that is why you’re here. Right?

In this way, I seek to be of service to you — as a teacher and mentor and advisor — such that you are better able to see the world in different ways and relate to it in a manner which is real, accessible, and personal. What I offer is an invitation to an awareness of how you can be an active part of making their world a better place in their own unique way — and in so doing, live more meaningful and fulfilling life!

Robert is an associate with the Center for Futures Consciousness and is established as being highly proficient in innovative “futures consciousness” & “learning college” driven curriculum development, and in organizational change practices. He is a member of multiple professional organizations including: Association for Contextual Behavioral Sciences, Public Administration Theory Network, American Society of Public Administration, World Futurist Society, Institute of Noetic Sciences, Union of Concerned Scientists, and the Association for Humanistic Psychology. And is a member of multiple Political Groups including: Greenpeace, Amnesty International, American Civil Liberties Union, The Southern Poverty Law Center, and the Kettering National Issues Forum.