Transportation and Logistics (BUS)

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about Transportation and Logistics (BUS)

The College of Alameda Communication Department provides courses to help students enhance their personal and professional communication goals. Our classes focus on how people use messages to generate meaning in different contexts, cultures, channels, and media.

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What you will learn:

You will learn why people interact way they do while improving your own verbal and written communication skills.

Recommended Course Sequence

  • Required Core, 3 units: COMM 45 Public Speaking (3)
  • List A (select two), 6 units: COMM 4 Dynamics of Group Discussion (3), COMM 20 Interpersonal Communication Skills (3), and/or COMM 44 Argumentation (3)
  • List B (select two), 6 units: COMM 1A Introduction to Speech (3), COMM 2A Fundamentals of Oral Interpretation of Literature (3), COMM 5 Persuasion and Critical Thinking (3), COMM 6 Intercultural Communication (3), and/or COMM 19 Survey of Mass Media (3)
  • List C (select one), 3 units: ANTHR 3 Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology (3), ENGL 1B Composition and Reading (4), ENGL 5 Critical Thinking in Reading and Writing (3), PSYCH 1A Introduction to General Psychology (3), and/or SOC 1 Introduction to Sociology (3)

What can I do with a degree in Transportation and Logistics (BUS)

Communication careers include but are not limited to: management, social media, customer service, law, sales, consulting, political organizing, broadcasting, marketing, advertising, public relations, human resources, training, education, and many others.


Jennifer Fowler: Communication Department Chair