What are the requirements of being in the MESA program?

You must: be enrolled in at least 6 units towards your academic goal;meet with a counselor to develop a Student Educational Plan;attend at least 1 MESA event per semester;volunteer at least 2 hours with a community organization related to your field or with MESA each semester

How do I apply for the MESA Program?

You may submit an application either online You will then schedule an appointment to meet with our MESA Counselor to complete your intake and see if you qualify as a MESA or Friends of MESA student.

What are the MESA Program Benefits?

Benefits of joining us: Counseling & Transfer Planning ⇒ Dedicated MESA CounselorInternship opportunities ⇒ Connecting student to internshipTutoring services ⇒ We do have tutors available for all STEM area at COAMESA Workshops ⇒ Connecting student with University or industryWe provide LaptopsPriority Enrollment

Who is eligible for the MESA program?

You are eligible to join if you meet the following: You are a first-generation college student, which means that neither one of your parents or guardians completed a college degree. You are still considered a first-generation college student even if you have a sibling that has completed a college degree;You...