What courses do I need to enroll in if I want to participate in intercollegiate athletics

We offer our students the opportunity to participate in two intercollegiate teams (Men’s Basketball and Women’s Volleyball) which compete in the Bay Valley Conference of the California Community Colleges Athletic Association (CCCAA). The following courses are specifically designed to improve athletic skills and strengthen physical endurance, are offered to our student-athletes:

  • ATHL 2 Basketball Foundations (Summer)
  • ATHL 6 Intercollegiate Men’s Basketball (Fall/Spring)
  • ATHL 7 Basketball Team Pre-Season Preparation (Summer and/or Fall)
  • ATHL 71 Intercollegiate Women’s Volleyball (Fall)
  • ATHL 72 Volleyball Strategy and Theories (Spring and/or Summer)
  • ATHL 73 Volleyball Team Pre-season Preparation (Summer and/or Spring)
  • KIN 60 Circuit Training (Fall/Spring/Summer)