English FOR SPEAKERS OF other languages (ESOL)

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about English FOR SPEAKERS OF other languagEs (ESOL)

Welcome to the College of Alameda ESOL department for non-native English learners! We are a small and special English program dedicated to helping you reach your goals in English.


We offer ESOL courses in 5 levels, and deciding on the one that is most appropriate for you is very important.


The purpose of the Self-Guided Placement tool is to help students identify their ESOL level and choose the correct classes.


Check out the list of courses available to you in the ESOL department at the College of Alameda.

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What you will learn:

We will help you develop your English for: Everyday use, Academic purposes (college and university), and Vocational and career purposes

We serve students at all English levels:

    • Beginner beginners (non-credit)
    • Beginners (level 1)
    • Intermediate learners (level 2)
    • High-intermediate learners (level 3)
    • Advanced learners (level 4)

We have classes in:

    • Grammar
    • Listening and Speaking
    • Reading and Writing
    • Conversation
    • Pronunciation


Didem Ekici, ESOL Faculty

Christa Ferrero-Castaneda, ESOL Faculty

Jenny Lemper, ESOL Faculty

Brian Ng, ESOL Faculty

Johanna Esther Carranza, ESOL Faculty

Denise Urdang, ESOL Faculty

Anna Rodas, ESOL Faculty