English FOR SPEAKERS OF other languages (ESOL)

about English FOR SPEAKERS OF other languagtes (ESOL)

Welcome to the College of Alameda ESOL department for non-native English learners! We are a small and special English program dedicated to helping you reach your goals in English.

ESOL On-Boarding

The Self-Guided Placement tool is to help students identify their ESOL level and choose the correct classes in the ESOL Department at College of Alameda.

2021-2022 Catalog

Course Descriptions and Program Requirements

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What you will learn:

We will help you develop your English for: Everyday use, Academic purposes (college and university), and Vocational and career purposes

We serve students at all English levels:

    • Beginner beginners (non-credit)
    • Beginners (level 1)
    • Intermediate learners (level 2)
    • High-intermediate learners (level 3)
    • Advanced learners (level 4)

We have classes in:

    • Grammar
    • Listening and Speaking
    • Reading and Writing
    • Conversation
    • Pronunciation


Didem Ekici, ESL Faculty


Christa Ferrero-Castaneda, ESL Faculty


George Irving, ESL Faculty


Brian Ng, ESL Faculty


M. Sedique Popal, ESL Faculty


Andrea Safir, ESL Faculty


Lorna Shashinda, ESL Faculty