Diesel Mechanics (DMECH)

about Diesel Mechanics (DMECH)

We provide students of all experience levels with comprehensive knowledge and skills covering Diesel Engines and Truck Mechanics and Chassis Systems. We currently offer an Associate Degree in Diesel Mechanics and Certificate of Achievement in Diesel Mechanics. Additionally, the department provides several fee and no-fee based seminars and classes in conjunction with industry partners and the California Air Resources Board.

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Course Descriptions and Program Requirements

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What you will learn:

Through lecture and hands-on lab courses, you will learn the skills required to troubleshoot and repair mechanical, electrical and electronic systems in diesel engines and trucks. You will learn to use computers to diagnose equipment and research information. You will be trained to operate shop machinery and equipment as well as select and use precision tools involved in the repair and maintenance of mechanical and electronic systems.

    • Troubleshoot and perform repairs in mechanical, electrical, and electronic systems.
      • Use computers to diagnose equipment and research information.
      • Perform preventative truck maintenance
      • Operate shop machinery and equipment and precision tools
    • Maintain a professional attitude in challenging working conditions.

Recommended Course Sequence

What can I do with a degree in Diesel Mechanics (DMECH)

The Diesel Mechanics program in heavy duty truck and diesel mechanics will prepare you to enter the job market as a beginning mechanic or apprentice in this field, and to continue your education toward the Baccalaureate degree in advanced schools of technology or as a teacher in this field of specialization, or to broaden your skills in various areas of management.

Course Material Requirements

During attendance in Diesel Mechanic classes and Truck Mechanic classes, the student will receive a list of required basic tools. The student will be required to bring to class a personal tool set that includes tools that relate to the particular course in which he/she has enrolled. This requirement is to assure that students graduating from the program possess a basic tool set and the adequate skills to use the required tools in the trade.


Blair Norton, Diesel Mechanics (DMECH) Faculty, Co-chair

John Taylor, DMECH Faculty, Co-chair