History (HIST)

History (HIST)

about History (HIST)

The History Department’s mission is to meet the educational needs of our community by providing comprehensive and flexible courses which will enable students to transfer to four-year institutions, earn degrees and certificates in selected academic and occupational fields, prepare students for positions in the workforce, improve basic learning skills, and expand their general knowledge.

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Course Descriptions and Program Requirements

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What you will learn:

Through the study of many courses in US History, Latin American History, Western Civilization, California History and African American History, you will learn about our collective past and its relationship to our collective present and future.  You will also learn how to critically analyze our past and be able to articulate it historical significance.

Recommended Course Sequence

    • HIST 7A History of United States to 1877
    • HIST 7B History of United States Since 1865
    • HIST 8A History of Latin American Civilization
    • HIST 8B
    • HIST 19 History of California
    • HIST 2A History of European Civilization

What can I do with a degree in History (HIST)

Pursuing a degree in history presents employment opportunities in a variety of different career areas. The need for teachers in the state of California for elementary, middle, and high schools remains high and college graduates with a history degree will be well-suited for opportunities to earn teaching credentials in a variety of subjects. The research and writing skills needed to successfully complete a degree of history offer excellent preparation for careers in law, journalism, public relations, and domestic and foreign government service.


Ed Loretto, History Faculty

Sarah Peterson-Guada, Psychology Faculty

Meredith Story, History Faculty