Mexican/Latin American Studies (M/LAT)

about Mexican/Latin American Studies (M/LAT)

Mexico/Latin American/Latinx Studies is an interdisciplinary program that focuses on the diverse histories and cultures of the Americas. A degree in this rich field will open opportunities for you in the United States and abroad. The continuing importance of Latin America for the United States and the growing Latina/o population in the Bay Area creates a number of opportunities for students to work in government, business, teaching, community organizing, law, and a host of other related fields.

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What you will learn:

Here, you will learn about the past and the present of Latin Americans and the Latinx population in the United States, and the national relationships that bring about change, both positive and negative. Our focus in this program is to investigate and think critically about cultures, nations, and people in the western hemisphere, and to center Latin American and Latinx populations in our understanding of the world, the nation, and ourselves.

What can I do with a degree in Mexican/Latin American Studies (M/LAT)

Fields and occupations pursued with an M-Lat degree include:

    • Teaching
    • Community Organizing
    • Various positions in the business world
    • Lawyer
    • Various government positions


Ed Loretto, History Faculty

Sarah Peterson-Guada, Psychology Faculty