GEOLOGY/Earth Science (GEOL)

Geology (GEOL)

about GEOLOGY/Earth Science (GEOL)

Earth Science addresses rocks volcanoes glaciers landslides earthquakes oceans and atmosphere etc. all in the context of the relatively new theory of plate tectonics describing how the Earth works. The geology of California is special since we live on the active San Andreas transform plate boundary (hence the earthquakes) which evolved from the previously existing subduction zone plate boundary (responsible for the California Coast Ranges Cascade volcanic range and the Sierra Nevada).

Our mission includes:

    1. Preparing students for transfer to four year institutions and careers in the Earth Sciences. 
    2. Stimulating public curiosity about how the Earth works (earthquakes volcanoes tsunami s hurricanes etc.) and why California is such a geologically interesting and special place.
    3. Providing research opportunities that are not available anywhere else.

2023-2024 Catalog

Course Descriptions and Program Requirements

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Some of what you will learn:

How the Earth works:  Plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanos.  What the Earth is made out of:  Rocks, minerals and their chemistry.  History of the Earth:  What can we know about the last 4.57 billion years that Earth has existed?

Recommended Course Sequence

    • Geology 10 – Introductory Geology
    • Geology 1 -Physical Geology
    • Geology 3 – Historical Geoogy
    • Math 3A – Calculus 1
    • Math 3B – Calculus 2
    • Chemistry 1A – General Chemistry 1st semester
    • Chemistry 1B – General Chemistry 2nd semester
    • Geology 18 – Geology of California
    • Geography 1 – Physical Geography
    • Anthropology 1 – Physical Anthropology
    • Geography 14 – Intro to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
    • Geology 2 – Introduction to Mineralogy
    • Geology 22 – California Coast Range Studies

What can I do with a degree in Geology/Earth Science (GEOL)?

Geology Certificate of Achievement

    • Geotechnical USGS EBMUD EPA etc. science technician jobs.

Geology Associate of Science Degree

    • Geotechnical USGS EBMUD EPA etc. science technician jobs. Geology lab tech in academia.

Geology Associate of Science for Transfer

    • Geotechnical USGS EBMUD EPA etc. science technician jobs. Geology lab tech in academia. Transfer to Earth Science Program at Stanford University UC Berkeley or one of the CSUs.