Mathematics (MATH)

about Mathematics (MATH)

The COA Mathematics department strives to inspire learners to build mathematical skills, make connections [between mathematics and the world], and contribute to society.

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Course Descriptions and Program Requirements

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What you will learn:

    • Use quantitative reasoning to solve everyday mathematical problems in the workplace and in the home.
    • Read, write, and critique technical writings and analytical arguments.
    • Convey and interpret information through visual representations.

Recommended Course Sequence

What can I do with a degree in Mathematics (MATH)?

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Deidre Baker, Faculty

Khalilah Beal-Uribe, Faculty / Co-chair

Sue Broxholm, Part-time Faculty

Philip Bui, Part-time Faculty

Michael Ghiselli, Part-time Faculty

Ely Gwin, Part-time Faculty

Bob Hanhan, Part-time Faculty

Emmanuel Herrera, Part-Time Faculty

Richard Kaeser, Faculty

Chad Montgomery, Part-time Faculty

Norman Nemzer, Part-time Faculty

Vanson Nguyen, Faculty / Co-chair / College Evaluation Coordinator

Christopher Wu, Part-time Faculty