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EOPS can help pay for your books. Sometimes we call this a voucher, even though we don’t hand you any certificate or piece of paper. Here is some important information about your EOPS book voucher.

Who qualifies for EOPS book money?

To be eligible for EOPS book money, you must:

    • Be in good standing with EOPS, which means that you are either new to EOPS, or, for continuing students, you have made and kept your three appointments, handed in a progress report, and attended orientation.
    • Be enrolled in at least 12 units. (Some DSPS students may be allowed to take fewer units. Talk to an EOPS counselor for more information.)
    • Attend an EOPS orientation and sign a Mutual Responsibility Contract each semester.

How does the book grant work?

    • After you attend orientation each semester, EOPS will check your registration to ensure you are enrolled in 12 or more units.
    • Your name will then be placed on a list that we send to the bookstores at all the Peralta Community College campuses.
    • You will be told at orientation when you can expect the bookstore to be ready to process your book purchase.
    • Go to the book store and let them know you are an EOPS student. They will locate your name on the list and apply your EOPS book grant to your book purchase.

What should I bring to the book store with me?

    • Bring a picture ID and a copy of your registration with you when you go to the book store to purchase your books.

Can I buy school supplies with my EOPS book grant?

    • No. EOPS department has most of the school supplies, please check with EOPS department before you purchase any school supplies.

Can I use my book grant to buy books for classes I am taking at another college?

    • Yes. You may use your book money to purchase books for all the Peralta classes you are taking, even those classes that are not at College of Alameda.

Can I use my book grant to buy books from an online store?

    • No. The book grant may only be used at a Peralta bookstore. We understand that books are expensive, and your EOPS book money may only cover one or two of your required books. EOPS highly recommends you explore your options for purchasing inexpensive text books online or from other students, however you are not able to use your EOPS grant for these purchases.

What happens if I do not use all the money on my book grant?

    • If you do not use the entire amount toward your books, the remaining balance will go back to EOPS to help provide book services for more students. You will not receive change, nor will any balance ‘roll over’ for you to use the next semester.

What if the book grant doesn’t cover the cost of all my books?

    • We know books are expensive, and it is very likely that your EOPS book grant will not be able to cover all of your books expense. If your books cost more than we are able to pay for, you must be prepared to pay the difference at the time you purchase the books.

Do I need to give back the books I purchase with my book grant?

    • No. Books you purchase with your book money are yours to keep. You do not have to give them back to us, unless you want to donate them to our book loan program.

For more information, visit or contact the EOPS office:

EOPS/CARE is located in Building A-111. Call (510) 748-2258 for further information.


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