How do Parents E-Sign on the CampusLogic Website?

Parents can e-sign the required forms, but they first need to create an account.

NOTE: Creating an account in the CampusLogic Website for Financial Aid cannot happen until until the student requests the signature and the parent is sent an email.

When a student requests a parent to e-sign a document, the parent will receive an email that tells them that there are documents to sign and provides them with a link to log in or register. When the parent clicks on the link to create an account, they will be directed to the Secure Parent Log-in screen. They will want to click the button that says- create account:

The parent is required to complete the following information:

  • Preferred email
  • Confirm email
  • Choose username
  • Create password
  • Confirm password

The parent will then need to confirm their information. This will also need to match the information that was provided on the aid application

  • Parent First name
  • Parent Last Name
  • Parent Date of Birth
  • Parent Social Security Number

Once the parent confirms their information, they will be asked to confirm their student’s information. Again, this needs to match the information that was provided on the aid application.

  • Student first name
  • Student last name
  • Student date of birth
  • Student social security number

After the information is entered in, the parent will want to review the privacy policy before clicking on the Create Account.

If the account creation is successful, the parent will be routed to the log-in page. The parent will also receive an email asking them to confirm their email address. THIS STEP IS IMPORTANT- confirming the email address allows the parent to use the “forgot password” feature in the future, should it be forgotten. If the email is not confirmed, then the parent will need to call to have their password reset.

After logging in, the parent will be presented with the forms that need a signature. The parent should review the information the student put in the form.

Making updates to the form

If the information is not accurate, the parent can click on the “form not approved” button and the form will be sent back to the student to update.

Opting out of e-sign

The parent can also opt out of e-signing the form. If that is selected, both the student and the parent will need to provide signatures on the form.

E-signing the form

If the parent approves the form, they can sign the form using the same signature they created during the log-in process.