What happens once I am logged into the CampusLogic website for financial aid?

  1. When you have successfully logged into the CampusLogic website for financial aid, you will be taken to a task list- select anywhere on the task to expand and get additional information about what is needed.
  2. Some tasks you will be able to satisfy completely online, while others will require you to download, complete, and upload back to the task.
  3. To e-sign an online form, you will need to create a pin that you will use to sign all your online forms on the CampusLogic website for financial aid. You can also opt out of e-signing your documents- it is up to you!
  4. Dependent students may have forms that require a parent signature. After you (the student) have e-signed a document, you will have the option to request a parent signature. You will need to:
    • Select the parent you would like to sign the document
    • Enter the the parent’s email address
    • Confirm their email
    • Select the Send Request button

Upload any documents needed to complete your tasks.  Once all documents are completed and all additional information uploaded, you can submit your verification for review.