Sexual Respect & Title IX

What is Title IX?

Most people think Title IX is just for schools with Athletics, but did you know that Title IX also promotes and opens the door for women and girls pursuing math and science?  It requires fair treatment for pregnant and parenting students, and protects all students from bullying and sexual harassment, among other things.

Title IX Information:

Community Services and Resources:

Policies and Procedures:

Important Contacts

Call 911 – For Police, Fire or Medical Emergencies
(from campus phones/cell phone)

Police Services Information
Phone: (510) 466-7236
Fax: (510) 466-7395

Title IX Coordinator
Tina Vasconcellos
Vice President of Student Services

P: (510) 748-2205
L: Room A103

Confidential Resource:
Evan Schloss
Mental Health Specialist

P: (510) 748-2320

More Information and Resources