Culture and Society

African American Studies (AFRAM)

The African-American Studies Department instructs students in the culture and history of the African-American people, to promote better communication and understanding among the peoples of our diverse society. 

Anthropology (ANTHR)

The Anthropology Program at College of Alameda offer students the opportunity to study humankind from biological, historic, prehistoric and cultural perspectives. 

Mexican/Latin American Studies (M/LAT)

Mexico/Latin American/Latinx Studies is an interdisciplinary program that focuses on the diverse histories and cultures of the Americas. 

History (HIST)

Through the study of many courses in US History, Latin American History, Western Civilization, California History and African American History, you will learn about our collective past and its relationship to our collective present and future.

Humanities (HUMAN)

Humanities is an interdisciplinary field that involves the study of artistic, intellectual, and moral achievement. Humanities encourages students to examine both established and emerging expressions of human creativity and thought so that you become more engaged in your own lives and the world.

Political Science (POSCI)

When you study “Politics” in our program at College of Alameda; we seek to better prepare you to being a more effective “Global Citizen” in “a Knowledge Economy,” guided by democratic values, and an “ethic of public service” in the 21st Century modern world system. 

Psychology (PSYCH)

In studying psychology at College of Alameda, students will uncover the connection between mind, body and emotions to enhance their self-awareness and empower them to create the lives they desire and be agents of social change. 

Sociology (SOC)

Sociology is the scientific study of the social lives of people, groups, and societies. Sociologists apply the rigors of the scientific method to relevant issues in the social world, from micro interaction like the public order, to macro forces like globalization. 

Geography (GEOG)

The mission of the Geography Department is to teach our diverse student community to understand the natural and cultural environments of the region and around the world, to be critical consumers of environmental advocacy, and to appreciate the beauty and wonder of the planet and its diversity.

Philosophy (PHIL)

Philosophy is everybody’s business. The mission of the Philosophy Department is to encourage your philosophical thinking, to show you the possibility of finding sound and practical answers to questions about the good life and good society, to answer questions like “What ought we seek in life?” ”And how ought we seek it?”