Political Science (POSCI)

about Political Science (POSCI)

When you study “Politics” in our program at College of Alameda; we seek to better prepare you to being a more effective “Global Citizen” in “a Knowledge Economy,” guided by democratic values, and an “ethic of public service” in the 21st Century modern world system.  In all of our work together, our area of emphasis is Social Justice.  We accomplish much or our work through the Center for Community Change and Urban Leadership

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Course Descriptions and Program Requirements

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What you will learn:

There are Three Program Learning Outcomes with which we seek to prepare you here; you will:

    • Mastery of a body of knowledge about your world – to see the world more clearly from a larger set of perspectives.
    • Proficiency in critical political thinking and “Futures Consciousness” – to use your knowledge more effectively.
    • Greater capacity for personal social & political efficacy  – to be better able to apply these perspectives as life skills in living a more satisfying life as:
      • a person,
      • a worker, and
      • a citizen.

Recommended Course Sequence

The Political Science Associate of Arts – Transfer Degree Major Requirements are:

Required courses (one of the following):

    • POSCI 001 Government and Politics in the United States (3)
    • POSCI 004 Political Theory (3) 6 units

Required (two of the following) (6 units):

    • POSCI 002 Comparative Government (3)
    • POSCI 003 International Relations (3)
    • PSYCH 28 Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology (3) 6 units

Required (two of the following):

    • POSCI 31 Introduction to Public Administration (3)
    • POSCI 35 Introduction to Community Violence Prevention (3)
    • POSCI 026 U. S. and California Constitution (3)


    • POSCI 006 U.S. Constitution and Criminal Due Process (3)
    • SOC 001 Introduction to Sociology (3)
    • SOC 002 Social Problems (3)
    • HIST 018 20TH Century American Protest Movements (3) 6 units

Total Required Major Units: 18

What can I do with a degree in Political Science (POSCI)

The Politics Program at College of Alameda is an “Applied Politics Department.” Majoring in politics at College of Alameda can prepare you to move in one of four directions: 1) the traditional major, 2) Violence Prevention & Social Justice Studies; 3) Public Law & Public Service; and 4) Public Administration & Emergency Management / Homeland Security

Political Science majors learn to be strong writers, public speakers, and researchers. Students receive assistance in finding and receiving credit for internships. We promise to work with you in being better prepared with “life-long learning to learn” life success skills — empowering you as you seek employment and in your efforts to transfer to four year institutions.

Careers for Political Scientists include: government employment, public service, public administration, public policy analysis, legislative advocacy, business, international relations, and teaching.


Robert Brem, Political Science Faculty, Psychology Faculty


Ed Loretto, History Faculty


Sarah Peterson-Guada, Psychology Faculty