Center for Community Change and Urban Leadership

Robert J. Brem
MA, MC, LPC, NCC Coordinator of the Community Change and Urban Leadership Initiative


The Community Change and Urban Leadership Initiative ~ a program within the Department of Political Science at College of Alameda; has three Pathway Tracks to Student Career Success.  These are career & technical education tracks designed to lead to employment in “applied politics” in the Area of Emphasis of Social Justice and Community Change.  The three tracks we have currently are:

  1. Violence Prevention – Certificate ProgramCollege of Alameda has graduated multiple cohorts of Violence Prevention Specialists since 2011 (see Graduation Video (link)) The Violence Prevention Certificate is a change agent development program designed to build the employment credentials and leadership opportunities of local professionals working in the field of violence prevention.
  2. Public Administration Pathway to Career Success Initiative: The Public Administration Certificate is designed to provide an introduction to the field of Public Administration and the “calling” of public service.  The purpose is to offer individuals a pathway to career success in the general area of community service in the arena of the public and social sectors – being guided in learning to be effective in various public sector and/or non-profit organizational work settings performing in multiple roles.   Through our special relationship to the Department of Political Science at CSU East Bay and then the MPA Program at CSU, we can offer students a 2+2+2 pathway to a career in the public service.
  3. Pathway to Law School ~~ Ladder to Career Success: The Career Pathway to Law School is designed to provide an introduction to the field and practice of of Law leading to the status of being “COAF Scholar” (The California Bar Association Council On Access and Fairness: California Law Inc project) upon completion of course work at College of Alameda.  The Goal is:

“to establish a pipeline of diverse students from high schools, community colleges, four-year institutions, and law schools into law or law-related careers so that the legal profession reflects the diverse population of the State of California.”  

In this 2+2+3 pathway, COA will work with students to achieve their  Baccalaureate Degree (through our partnership with CSU East Bay or another school of the student’s choice), which then gives students a special recognition when applying to six California Law Schools with which we have a working relationship.

Other Certificates and Degrees are under development which shall be in the Area of Emphasis of Social Justice Studies.