Violence Prevention Certificate

Robert J. Brem
MA, MC, LPC, NCC Coordinator of the Community Change and Urban Leadership Initiative

Phone: 510-748-2276

The Violence Prevention Certificate Track is part of the Community Change and Urban Leadership Initiative at College of Alameda.  The Certificate of Proficiency leads  students in an exploration of leadership, prevention and intervention knowledge and skills relative to the field of violence prevention and local community peace building; classroom and field based learning through peer group and individual projects, community based action research, and internships; curriculum contextualized to student career goals; designed for college ready individuals who are interested in working in the field of violence prevention.  Completion of the course sequence and internship experience in the field leads to a Violence Prevention Specialist Certificate of Proficiency.

The program includes training in conflict resolution and mediation, self-care, theories and methods for social change as well as coaching through professional development areas identified through a S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis completed every semester. 

Career Opportunities in Violence Prevention

For individuals interested in careers and leadership opportunities in the field of violence prevention. Bloomberg Business, and Cal Jobs (State of California) all show an increasing need for skilled employees that have the knowledge and skills to navigate through systems and communities to prevent violence. A variety of positions can be acquired by someone with a Certificate in Violence Prevention Strategies. According to the labor market data for the State of California, there is a 6.9% projected increase for Child, Family and School Social Workers, an 11.8% increase for Clergy members, a 13% increase among Counselors, Social Workers and other Specialists. Some other potential careers that see an increase, that we also know are directly related to preventing violence in our communities are Health Educators, with a projected 16% increase and Police and Sheriff Patrol Officers at a 7.7% increase. This certificate program will help prepare individuals in the job market to meet the growing needs of social support and care giving that professions listed above provide.