Disbursement Information

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Contact the Financial Aid Office if:

  • If you have not received information on how to select your refund preference
  • Need to verify your ID (Must come to the office in person)

There are now three major financial aid disbursements per semester:

  • One disbursement (25% Pell) will occur four days before school starts
  • The second disbursement (25% Pell) will be by the end of the third week of school
  • The third disbursement (50% Pell) will be in the middle of the semester for all students eligible for payments by those dates

How Much Will I Receive?

Enrollment Status

How much funding you receive depends on the number of units you are enrolled in and what type of financial aid you have been provided.

The enrollment status of the student at the time that funds are prepared for disbursement will be used to determine the payment amount. For purposes of financial aid, enrollment status is defined as outlined in the table below.


Number of Units


12 or More

3/4 Time

9 – 11.5

1/2 Time

6 – 8.5

< 1/2 Time

5.5 or Less

    • Please keep in mind that most financial aid funds are disbursed in two to three payments for each term. For example, Pell grants are disbursed 25% before the term starts, 25% the third week of school, and 50% at the midpoint. You can view your financial aid by semester on your student center by logging into Passport.
    • Loans are not prorated. The full amount of loan funds for the semester will be disbursed as long as the student is enrolled in a minimum of six units.
    • If you are enrolled part-time (fewer than 12 units), you may receive a partial payment of Cal Grant, Federal Pell Grant. If your enrollment status increases so that you qualify for additional funds, you may receive a supplemental payment.

Financial Aid Census Date & Pell Grant

Pell Grant recipients who change enrollment status (adding or dropping classes) will have their eligibility recalculated based on their enrollment status as of the Financial Aid census date for each semester, typically on the last day to add/drop a class. Students who are enrolled less than full-time at the time of the initial disbursement and who later add classes prior to the enrollment census date, will receive a subsequent disbursement based on the new updated enrollment status to reflect the correct payment eligibility (3/4 time or full-time). Likewise, Pell Grant funds will be recalculated for students who drop classes before the census and the revised Pell Grant will be based on “census” enrollment status. In some instances, this recalculation may result in repayment of funds already disbursed as a result of the reduction in units following the disbursement of Pell Grant funds.

Cal Grant Awarding & Disbursement 

Cal Grants are generally disbursed in one payment per term. Students who are initially deemed eligible by the college for Cal Grant before the FA census date will be disbursed based on the student enrollment status as of the FA census date. Students who are initially deemed eligible by the college for Cal Grant after the FA Census date will be disbursed based on the recipient’s current enrollment status at the time of disbursement. Students who are initially deemed eligible for Cal Grant by the college after the term has ended will be disbursed based on the number of units completed for the term.

Adjustments can be made to initial Cal Grant disbursements based on increases in student enrollment load.

The first Cal Grant disbursement will occur at the end of the fourth week for every term. After the first disbursement, Cal Grants are disbursed weekly throughout the term as students become eligible for the funds.

Disbursement Information & FAQs

You must meet all requirements in order for your financial aid to be disbursed. Some of the general requirements to receive payment of funds include:

    • Submission of all required documents
    • Meeting all satisfactory academic progress (SAP) requirements
    • Enrollment for term

Specific Disbursement Requirements:

Please note that certain student aid programs may have very specific disbursement requirements in addition to the general disbursement requirements. For example, Cal Grant recipients must be California residents whereas some scholarship programs require that students be enrolled full-time to receive any scholarship funds. These special requirements must be met in order for those funds to be disbursed.

The Peralta Community College District delivers your refund with BankMobile Disbursements, a technology solution, powered by BMTX, Inc. Visit this link for more information: https://bankmobiledisbursements.com/refundchoices/

AllPoint ATM Locations
  • Berkeley City College – 5th floor in the Student Lounge
  • College of Alameda – F Building right next to the Cyber Cafe
  • Laney College – Student center in the dining hall
  • Merritt College – R Building next to Admission and Records and Financial Aid entrance

The Financial Aid Office works in conjunction with Student Financial Services to pay accepted financial aid awards to students. These payments are called “disbursements” and begin the week before classes start each semester.

Financial Aid is disbursed to eligible students as early as the Friday before the first day of classes each semester, and weekly thereafter.

All financial aid will first be applied to institutional charges, which include tuition and mandatory state and campus fees. Any remaining financial aid after institutional charges are paid will then be refunded to the student.

Go to the PCCD Financial Aid Disbursement page for estimated disbursement dates.

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