CoA Receives HSI Award

College of Alameda (COA) was  recently awarded the Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) grant, which will provide funds over a five (5) year period to provide opportunities for Latinx students to achieve their academic and career goals. The Adelante con Comunidad, Excelencia, Sabiduría y Oportunidad , or ACCESO Program is expected to demonstrate impact on student success (persistence, completion of 30 units in year one, and attainment of a certificate, degree or transfer within three years) and institutional capacity to deliver and consistently improve evidence-based programs responsive to the needs of Latinx and low-income students.

COA will implement a comprehensive, integrated, and long-lasting support program with the following three activity components:

  • Support Latinx students to plan for and attain a certificate, degree, or transfer within three years . CoA will conduct dedicated internal and external outreach to prospective Latinx students, including students in dual enrollment classes and in community-based courses. All Latinx CoA students will receive initial counseling and orientation to ACCESO and long-term, direct support from a counselor throughout their CoA journey. The new ACCESO Center and Club will shape an embracing campus community.
  • Deliver high-quality instructional models to ensure Latinx students’ academic success. CoA will partner with the PUENTE Project to institute a cohort-based Latinx learning community, offering English and counseling courses, embedded tutoring, and mentoring, and supporting students’ attainment of at least 30 transferable units in their first year. “Smartshops” – free and flexible micro-lessons on academic preparation topics – will be. Offered and promoted through ACCESO. Professional development for faculty and staff will support Latinx student success campuswide.
  • Equip Latinx students with the knowledge and financial assistance they need to remain financially stable through college and beyond . In response to focus group findings on the high levels of stress and financial difficulty faced by CoA students during their college years, ACCESO will deliver smartshops and integrated instruction on financial planning, budgeting, and college financing; offer career coaching and employment assistance; and market resources to improve college affordability.