COA’s Policy on Alcohol and Drugs

Health & Wellness Services HOURS & Location


Due to the Coronavirus health crisis, there are no services being offered on the College of Alameda campus at this time.

Remote Mental Health Counseling:
Monday – Thursday:
9 a.m. -5 p.m.
Friday: 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Nursing Hours: 
Monday – Friday: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Roots Community Health Center
7272 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, CA 94605

*Please call first 510-633-7077  for more information and make sure to provide your student ID.*

Policies and Procedures on Alcohol and Drugs

Student Code of Conduct

Students are responsible for complying with all college regulations and for maintaining appropriate course requirements as established by the instructors.

Disciplinary action may be imposed on a student for violation of college rules and regulations, the California Education Code, California Penal Code, and the California Administrative Code. Student misconduct may result in disciplinary action by the college and prosecution by civil authorities. Misconduct that may result in disciplinary action includes, but is not limited to, the following violations:

8. The use, sale, or possession on campus of, or presence on campus under the influence of, any controlled substance, or any poison classified as such by Schedule D in Section 4160 of the Business and Professions Code or any controlled substance listed in California Health and Safety Code Section 11053 et seq., an alcoholic beverage, or an intoxicant of any kind; or unlawful possession of, or offering, arranging or negotiating the sale of any drug paraphernalia, as defined in California Health and Safety Code Section 11014.5.

Related Board Policies and Administrative Procedures:

our contacts

Lisa Sawadogo, Health Services Coordinator

P: 510-748-2320

Acupuncture/Massage Therapy

*Due to Coronavirus, currently services are unavailable*

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