WorkAbility III – WAIII

Due to campus closures resulting from COVID-19 all WorkAbility III services have moved online temporarily.  Please contact the program coordinator with any questions.

WorkAbility III (WAIII) is a joint program of the College of Alameda (COA) and the State Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) designed to provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Student Accessibility Services HOURS and Location

Monday – Friday:
8:00-4:00 (hours may vary through June-July)

Scheduled Summer 2021 Services Closures: July 5 (Independence Day – observed)

Location: SAS Main Office (D117)

Program Summary

WorkAbility III was started at the College of Alameda in 1994 and has since assisted over 1200 clients of the Department of Rehabilitation gain employment. This program has consistently performed well, being one of the top in the state since its inception. WA staff is experienced in developing job opportunities in all occupations and at all levels of training.

Who is eligible for WorkAbility III

Participants in the program must be State Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) clients and be referred by their DOR counselor to be eligible for services. All participants must also be eligible to enroll as COA students.

What services are available to job seekers?

The objective of the program is to form a partnership with individual clients to meet their employment goals. WA offers job search workshops, job clubs, individualized job placement assistance, and follow up support on the job.


WorkAbility III

P: (510) 748-2152
Location: CV 136

Lawrence Silva, WorkAbility Program Coordinator

P: 510-748-2109

Nadeesha Dias, WorkAbility Job Developer

P: 510-748-2242

Aurora Laniohan, WorkAbility Assistant

P: (510) 748-2337

For more information on becoming a WorkAbility Participant:

Call your Department of Rehabilitation counselor to be referred to the program. If you are not a Department of Rehabilitation client visit to the California State Department of Rehabilitation website or call 510-622-2764 to become a client.

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