Learning Skills Program

Student Accessibility Services HOURS and Location

Monday – Friday:
8:00-4:00 (hours may vary through June-July)

Scheduled Summer 2021 Services Closures: July 5 (Independence Day – observed)

Location: SAS Main Office (D117)


Lynn Rex, Ph.D. – Learning Disabilities Specialist 510-748-2388

TO ENROLL: Meet with a College of Alameda SAS Counselor. Appointments can be scheduled using our Online SAS Appointment Scheduling System, or by calling our Live SAS Assistance phone number 510-463-4899 (Mon-Fri 10:00-2:00).

The Learning Skills Program (LSP) assists students with learning disabilities by providing assessment, advising, instruction, and liaison with campus instructors and programs.

Courses Offered:

Learning Resources 296 – Diagnostic Learning

    • Individual assessment of learning strengths and weaknesses to determine eligibility for services as an adult with learning disabilities. Students also meet in small group sessions to learn strategies and self-advocacy skills related to their specific learning disabilities.

Learning Resources 259 – Writing Strategies

    • Designed for students with learning disabilities to master techniques and strategies for writing ranging from sentences to research papers. Students are required to co-enroll in a mainstream English course.

Learning Resources 276 – Learning Strategies in Algebra and Geometry

    • Introduces students to concepts in algebra and geometry. Students with learning disabilities master learning strategies in mathematics appropriate to their learning strengths and weaknesses. Students are required to co-enroll in a mainstream Math course.

Learning Resources 277 –  Introduction to Mathematical Concepts and Strategies

    • Mastering quantitative concepts and developing problem-solving skills in mathematics. Students are required to co-enroll in a mainstream Math course.

All LSP classes are taught in L-210 (second floor of the library).

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