Acquired Brain Injury/Cognitive Rehabilitation Program

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Monday – Friday:
8:00-4:00 (hours may vary through June-July)

Scheduled Summer 2021 Services Closures: July 5 (Independence Day – observed)

Location: SAS Main Office (D117)

TO ENROLL: Meet with a College of Alameda SAS Counselor. Appointments can be scheduled using our Online SAS Appointment Scheduling System, or by calling our Live SAS Assistance phone number 510-463-4899 (Mon-Fri 10:00-2:00).

Instructor: Dr. Phyllis Tappe, Ph.D., Cognitive Skills Specialist

The Cognitive Rehabilitation Program offers therapeutic classes designed to improve the cognitive skills and functioning of people with brain injuries and/or learning disabilities. 

    • Improving Cognitive Skills, LRNRE 213A and LRNRE 213B focus on
    • Attention skills
    • Memory Strategies
    • Recognition of verbal and non-verbal patterns
    • Basics of brain function
    • Human learning theory applied to individual strengths and weaknesses
    • How to solve computer-generated problems in sequencing and logic
    • Organization and critical evaluation of information
    • Strategies in problem-solving.

LRNRE 213A focuses on attention, organization, memory, and learning strategies.

LRNRE 213B focuses on organization, problem-solving, and logic.

Class Highlights:

    • Class format includes both lectures and lab;
    • Lab: Includes most up-to-date Cognitive Rehabilitation software;
    • Lab assists with identifying deficit areas and developing strategies to deal with problem areas.

For information and enrollment assistance, please schedule an appointment with a SAS counselor.  New to SAS at COA?  Please begin with our How to Apply for SAS Services at COA. Continuing COA SAS students can schedule an appointment with your SAS Counselor Online Appointment Scheduling System

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