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The English Department offers classes addressing English skills at the basic, developmental and transfer levels. We are committed to presenting engaging material that addresses the varied interests and needs of our students. We are focused on helping students achieve their transfer requirements, and offering the necessary critical thinking and composition and reading courses required by 4-year transfer institutions.

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What you will learn:

Studying English will give you skills in expression and critical thinking that can be applied in many aspects of your personal and professional life. Through reading and writing, you will develop an understanding and appreciation for worldwide cultures and diverse perspectives, learn how to evaluate information, and develop important foundational skills for life-long learning.

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What can I do with a degree in English (ENGL)

Graduating with a B.A. in English at a four-year institution can potentially offer a lot of flexibility in terms of future careers. Professions for English majors include administration, management, teaching, editing, and publishing.


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