Campus and Community Resources

Getting Support at College of Alameda

At the College of Alameda, students are eligible to receive support throughout the entire campus for any of the services that we provide. However, if you are confused about specific requirements or are not able to receive the support that you need, please contact the following individuals listed below.

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Financial Aid


HSI Program

Horacio Corona-Lira

Director, HSI Program

Enrollment Services

Natalie Rodriguez


Student Life and Activities


Community Resources

    1. Legal Services The East Bay Community Law Center offers free immigration legal services to undocumented students at the College of Alameda. Consult with immigration legal advocate about your immigration options. You can sign up for an appointment here!
    2. Undocumented Student Services Map Use this map created by the California Undocumented Higher Education Coalition to connect with support services for undocumented students at all public California colleges and universities.
    3. Immigrants Rising A nonprofit that empowers undocumented young people in their college and career path. Find information about college access, mental health/wellness services,entrepreneurship opportunities, legal resources and more. You can also follow them on social media: Instagram & Facebook
    4. Undocuhustle Learning Hub Everyone, regardless of immigration status, can make money by building their own businesses and working for themselves. We’re here to show you how to generate income through entrepreneurship and freelancing. Check out these tools to help you get your #UndocuHustle on!