Resources For Eductators

Educators play a key role in empowering undocumented students to achieve their educational and career goals. The following resources can help you get started, improve institutional practices at your school and understand this work from a statewide perspective.

Reach out to other educators, administrators, staff and student leaders to build the change you want to see on your campus!

Getting Started

Building Institutional Practices

    • Developing a Strong Undocumented Student Task Force on Your Campus  Use this resource and webinar to identify tangible steps in developing an effective undocumented student task force, or strengthening existing one. A strong task force will help you create meaningful institutional changes on your campus
    • A Guide to Building On-Campus Undocumented Student Programs having an undocumented student program on campus is vital to the retention and success of undocumented students. It also comes with a checklist to help you figure out what you’ve already accomplished and how to move forward in strengthening your program.
    • Protecting Student Data in California Federal and California state laws require that educational personnel only provide student records in response to a lawful request. Use this guide to be sure you understand the laws and responsibilities you are required to follow in your campus.

Getting a Statewide Perspective