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California Community College Athletic Association Forms

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California Community College Eligibility Basics

To be eligible to participate in Intercollegiate Athletics, you must be knowledgeable as well as accountable for the CALIFORNIA COMMUNITY COLLEGE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION (CCCAA) eligibility requirements for your first season of competition and your second season of competition. Do not confuse the CCCAA rules and requirements with the NCAA rules and requirements. if  you have any questions pleae do not hesitate to meet with your Athletic Director for clarification.

College of Alameda abides by the provisions of the California Community Colleges Athletic Code as well as the specifications imposed by the Bay Valley Conference (BVC). The nature of these requirements is very exacting. Athletes are advised to become thoroughly familiar with the requirements to avoid loss of eligibility. A copy of the CCC Athletic Code is on file in the office of the Athletic Director.

Listed below are the basic eligibility rules for participation at a California Community College Intercollegiate Athletic Program

To be eligible for intercollegiate athletic competition:

    • A) If you are an incoming Freshman, have just graduated from high school and this is your first Fall term at a post secondary institution – you are eligible immediately to participate.
    • B) If you have attended a two year or four year post secondary institution PRIOR to enrolling into the  College of Alameda -please contact the Athletic Director
    • C) As a student athlete you must be enrolled in, and passing, 12 units and have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0. A minimum of 9/12 units must be academic. If you are planning to complete your studies in two years , you must average 15 transferable units per term
    • D) If you have competed in your first season of competition you must pass a total of 24 units prior to the next season with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0. A minimum of 18/24 units must be academic.
    • E) Once you start your participation in an Intercollegiate Athletic Program, you must pass a minimum of 6 units in every full time term you are enrolled in from the beginning term of your first participation.

Our Contacts

Ramaundo Vaughn, A.D.ATHLETICS

P: (510) 748-2383

Taylor Elliott, Head Coach Women’s Volleyball

P: (510) 846-1174

Ravi Bhambhra, Head Basketball Coach


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