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As a student athlete, you have to balance practice, team meetings and games with your studies, which can be hard. While it may be up to you to win on the floor, our Athletics Counselor will help make it easier for you to win off the floor. Working with you, they will provide:

Advisement and Counseling

    • Accessible for drop-in and scheduled appointments for individual advising counseling, career exploration and personal counseling.
    • Creating an Individualized Education Plans each semester based on skill levels, previous course work, grade point average and personal goals.
    • Recommend Athletics Orientation and Career Planning classes and provide priority registration dates each for semester.
    • Review academic, graduation, transfer and athletic eligibility requirements with you individually and through Team Advisement Workshops held each semester prior to registration.
    • Monitor NCAA and NAIA regulations for transfer eligibility. We encourage you to complete the Associate Degree (or ADT), which includes 60 units, 48 units must be transferable with a minimum grade point average of 2.50 to compete at a Division I four-year institution.

Our Contacts

Ramaundo Vaughn, A.D.ATHLETICS

P: (510) 748-2383

Lauren Nieraeth, Head Coach Women’s Volleyball

P: (510) 748-2382

Ravi Bhambhra, Head Basketball Coach

Dr. Mark Robinson, Athletics Counselor

P: (510) 279-6484

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