COA Undocumented Student Success Program (USSP)

Welcome to the COA Undocumented Student Success Program (USSP) homepage! Here you will find several resources and opportunities to ensure your success throughout your educational journey here at College of Alameda regardless of immigration status. We are here to support you and help bring your goals and aspirations into fruition.

The COA Undocumented Student Success Program Welcomes You!

We are delighted to have you enroll at our campus and even more to connect you with resources and opportunities to
support you in your journey at COA and beyond. COA welcomes all students, regardless of their immigration status. We want you to know that any information you provide to the school is protected under federal and state law.

At COA, we are committed to your academic success by catering to your needs and interests to help you excel at our campus and in your future aspirations. Our support to your education extends from our campus, within the community, our sister colleges: Berkeley City, Merritt College, and Laney College, and at other California Colleges and Universities.

  1. Apply to COA and Enroll into Non-Credit or Credit Courses:

    Noncredit Courses:

    • Gain basic skills (English as a second language, reading, writing and mathematics skills, or art)
    • Get your High school diploma or equivalent (GED)
    • Meet eligibility requirements for in-state tuition requirements


    Credit Courses:

    • Receive specific skills and vocational training
    • Take college courses
    • Get your Associate’s degree or certificate
    • Transfer to a four-year university OR All of the Above!


  2. Apply for In-State Tuition by completing the AB 540 Non-Resident Fee Exemption form

  3. Apply for Financial Aid – California Dream Act

  4. Academic Counseling to help set and achieve your educational goals

  5. Special USSP Services: Mentorship, Referrals, Resources, Legal Services and more!
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