ESOL Onboarding & Guided Self-Placement

Learning Resources Center (LRC) Hours

Tutoring Services Summer 2024

In-Person Tutoring:

Monday – Thursday: 10-3:00 pm Room L202D

Zoom tutoring:

Mon-Thu 11-3:00 pm

ESOL Onboarding

Because of AB 705,  taking an Assessment test to be placed in English, Math, and ESOL is not required.  To register for an English and Math class, please see our College of Alameda Counselor.  The ESOL Self-guided Placement is included in the online application of the college. for more information you can go tho the ESOL website


For any questions regarding ESOL Please contact the faculty below

Didem Ekici
ESOL Department Chair

Christa Ferrero-Castaneda
ESOL Department Chair

LRC Contact

Anna O’Neal
LRC Coordinator


Front Desk 

P: (510) 748-2315
L: L Building – Second Floor

P: (510) 748-2307

L: L Building – Second Floor