Our Mission and Responsibilities

The Facilities/Technology Committee is responsible for providing an open forum for discussion of issues relating to the use of computers on campus; for coordinating the acquisition, maintenance, and placement of computer hardware and software across the campus; for conducting inventories or existing equipment and software; for promoting and fostering staff and faculty computer training; for encouraging students to use and faculty to develop computer-assisted methods of instruction.

The Facilities/Technology Committee will begin developing a comprehensive five-year plan for College of Alameda.  The Facilities/Technology Master Plan will include recommendations for use of local area networks and wise area networks in communications, instruction, student services, administration and the Internet.  Additionally, the Plan will address inter-connectivity, upgrading and expanding, support and training, as well as access for students and staff.  Finally, the Plan will have an implementation budget timeline.


Meeting Schedule and Location

The Facilities/Technology Committee meets the 4th Thursday of every month at 2:00 p.m in A149.

Committee Membership
  VP Admin Services, Co-Chair
  Dean of Counseling & Special
  Shalamon Duke
  Dean of CE  Eva Jennings
  Classified Staff  Saurav Pudasaini
  Classified Staff  Crystal Baasanjav
  Classified Staff
  Selwyn Montgomery, Co-Chair
  Faculty   Blair Norton
  Faculty   Rachel Goodwin
  Faculty   Vacant
  Student  TBD
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