College Council


The College Council is advisory to the College President. It is charged with the
responsibility to deliberate issues and concerns which affect the entire college
community, particularly those involving budget, facilities, and
safety; to develop and oversee the institutional plan of the college; and to
engage in other planning efforts as required, such as strategic planning, and
mission and goals statement.

Dr. Diana Bajrami Acting President, Co-Chair
Dr. Mildred Lewis Interim VP of Student Services
Maurice Jones Acting VP of Instruction
Augustine Gill VP of Administrative Services
Louie Martirez y McFarland Classified, Co-Chair
Kawanna Rollins Classified
 Anna O’Neal  Classified
Leslie Reiman Faculty
 Drew Burgess  Faculty
 Jody Campbell  Faculty
 Jennifer Fowler AS President, Co-Chair
Dr. Vanson Nguyen Faculty, Chair of Chairs
Dominique Benavides  Director of Research
TBD Student Rep
Meeting DatesAgendaNotesSupporting Documents
April 26, 2023Draft Agenda  
February 22, 2023AgendaNotes 
December 7, 2022Agenda  
October 26, 2022AgendaNotes 
September 21, 2022AgendaNotes 
April 27, 2022AgendaNotesSupporting Documents 
March 23, 2022Agenda NotesSupporting Documents 
February 23, 2022 AgendaNotesSupporting Documents
December 1, 2021 AgendaNotesSupporting Documents
October 27, 2021Agenda NotesSupporting Documents
September 22, 2021Agenda NotesSupporting Documents
April 28, 2021AgendaNotesSupporting Documents
March 24, 2021AgendaNotes 
February 24, 2021AgendaNotes 
December 2, 2020AgendaNotesSupporting Documents
November 4, 2020AgendaNotes 
October 7, 2020AgendaNotesSupporting Documents
September 2, 2020AgendaNotesSupporting Documents
May 6, 2020Agenda Notes 
February 26, 2020AgendaNotesSupporting Documents
December 4, 2019AgendaNotesSupporting Documents
October 23, 2019AgendaNotesSupporting Documents
September 25, 2019AgendaNotesSupporting Documents
May 1, 2019AgendaNotesSupporting Documents
March 27, 2019AgendaNotesSupporting Documents
February 27, 2019AgendaNotesSupporting Documents
December 5, 2018AgendaNotes 
October 24, 2018AgendaNotesSupporting Documents
September 26, 2018AgendaNotesSupporting Documents
April 25, 2018AgendaNotesSupporting Documents
March 28, 2018AgendaNotesSupporting Documents
February 28, 2018AgendaNotesSupporting Documents
December 6, 2017AgendaNotesSupporting Documents
October 25, 2017AgendaNotesSupporting Documents
September 27, 2017AgendaNotesSupporting Documents