Student Equity and Achievement Committee


The Student Equity and Acievement (SEA) committee facilitates and implements equity work on campus and focuses equity planning to achieve the college mission of meeting the education needs of the diverse community and to close achievement gaps. The committee regularly reviews data as well as goals and activities and follows up regarding progress. The SEA Committee is responsible for creating and maintaining the college equity plan.


Our Mission and Responsibilities

 The charge of this committee is to: align institutional goals and priorities for enhancing student equity and achievement on campus; improve implementation of goals and objectives related to student equity and achievement; increase communication and coordination to leverage resources to have a greater impact on student equity and achievement; minimize duplication of efforts; coordinate the data management for outcomes assessment and evaluation of the college’s efforts to achieve student equity and achievement; and provide seamless delivery of services that support student equity and achievement.

Meeting Schedule and Location

3rd Wednesday of the month

Time: 12:00pm-1:00pm

Location: A-149

2021-2022 Members
Paula Armstead
Anna O’Neal
Kawanna Rollins
Lilia Celhay
Olga Fish
Hilary Walker
MD Montague
Maha Elaidy
Natalie Rodriguez
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