Institutional Effectiveness


Welcome to the Office of Research, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness at College of Alameda.

Reporting to the President, our work is driven by the Mission-Vision-Values of the College and is dedicated to supporting the institution’s Education Master Plan and strategic priorities as outlined in the College’s annual Strategic Plan.  We provide planning, research, and assessment services to help better understand and serve our community, our students, and to support the planning and student success-focused decision-making process at College of Alameda.

All research conducted and used for dialogue, reflection, planning and decision-making comes from data that are accurate, tested for validity and significance, current and complete, and derived from reliable sources.  We work in collaboration with the College’s Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) as well as the Peralta District’s Office of Institutional Research.



Service Area Outcomes

    • Faculty, staff, students, and administrators will be able to participate in a transparent institutional planning process focusing on student success.
    • Faculty, staff, students, and administrators will be able to access research conducted by the Institutional Effectiveness Committee focusing on student outcomes and their impact of institutional goals and strategies.
    • In support of institutional effectiveness, faculty and staff will receive guidance and support in the development and implementation of assessment strategies dedicated to better understand the impact of current practice.

Program Planning & Assessment

Research Reports & Data

Strategic Planning

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